For over three hundred years the Nooraee family has transmitted its precious heritage, the art of weaving Persian rugs, from generation to generation.  Today, Mohammad Nooraee continues that tradition as founder and president of Noor Oriental Rugs, Inc, and as one of the world’s foremost appraisers and restorers of fine rugs.  Himself a master weaver, Mr. Nooraee recognizes, respects and honors the pedigree of the hand-made rugs that arrive at Noor from around the world, soulfully hand-woven from homespun wool, natural fibers, and color-fast dyes.

Noor Oriental Rugs remains unrivaled in its assurance of respectful treatment and museum-quality conservation and restoration of rugs by traditional methods.  At Noor, rugs are hand-washed using exclusively natural herbal shampoos and mothproofing solutions.  When a rug needs repair, only organic cotton, handspun wool and natural dyes from the same region or even village as the rug’s original production are used, if available. If necessary, Noor scours the globe to find the best match for the original materials.  There are no technological or chemical shortcuts at Noor, only meticulous research and reconstruction by painstaking time-honored methods.

Moreover, Mr. Nooraee understands that your time (like your rug) is precious, and he makes every effort to work with you at your convenience to help you preserve and/or make provision for your hand-woven legacy. In return, he requests your participation in the documentation of your rug’s story and his efforts to place it in its proper context; together you can create a unique and valuable chapter in cultural history!

Noteworthy Event:

In keeping with the educational mission of Noor, Mohammad Nooraee taught a four-part course, “Rugs as a Reflection of Persian Culture,” under the auspices of Beacon Hill Seminars in early spring 2012 (for details please consult their website: The final session, held at Noor in Cambridge, featured live demonstrations of weaving kilim, knotting pile, and making fringe, and hands-on practice of those skills by the seminar participants.(Images on left: Master Weaver Mohammad, with Noor research associates Igor Iwanek (Persian music) and Catherine Gibbes (the qanat system) at the Beacon Hill Seminar Opening Reception on Jan 10th, 2012.

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Partial List of Services

Rental and leasing of oriental rugs
Turkish Knot
Double Knotting
Foundation Work
Silk Rug Wash/Cleaning
Moth damage restoration
Custom Stair Runners
Dry Rot Restoration
Water Damage Services
Restoration of low pile
by keshmeer or khaab
Screen wash
Stain removal
Foundation Softening
Pile shearing
Preparation for storage
Custom name weaving
Custom Design Rugs
Glue backing removal
Home consultation
Lanolin conditioning
Patch removal

Please contact us at (617) 868-6667 for additional services or arrangements.

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