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Donating Rugs for Charitable Causes


Born into the seventh generation of a family of Persian weavers, at the age of seven Mo Nooraee, growing up in Isfahan, came under the tutelage of a local master weaver, an esteemed gentleman with a long white beard and a walking stick.  For his first lesson, to little Mo’s surprise, rather than seating his pupil before a loom, the teacher told his new pupil to search the workshop for all its hidden gems and treasures. After a weary day with fruitless results, when asked what he had found, the discouraged boy nervously replied “nothing.”  “The gems and treasures are service, service, service, Mo,” replied the master, “Now go home and come back tomorrow for your second lesson.”  From that day, service has been the foundation of Mr. Nooraee’s work ethic, and is the principle upon which Noor Oriental Rugs was established. For the entirety of its existence (almost forty years), Noor Oriental Rugs Inc. has been committed to service to its customers and the community.

A fine Oriental rug is far more than a decorative floor covering or an exceptional work of artful craftsmanship; it can be an evocation of paradise itself, inspiring us to dream of a better world. That longing has inspired Mr. Nooraee also, who believes that, like the weavers who mindfully tie each knot as they work toward paradise, we too can craft a better world, and that everyone deserves such a hope. That is why on the very first day of business, after having sold his first rug, Mr. Nooraee decided to give away a second. Since its establishment in 1979, Noor Oriental Rugs Inc. has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of woven treasures to charitable causes, including schools, hospitals, research organizations, cultural institutions and outreach to the homeless.

Mr. Nooraee invites you to join Noor in helping global and local communities, by browsing the Noor charitable auction gallery, and perhaps considering donating rugs of your own for charitable purposes. Mr. Nooraee is a Certified Appraiser specializing in Oriental rugs, and with his legal background can provide documentation for tax purposes of the value of any rugs you may decide to donate for sale or auction for the benefit of the charity of your choice. For Donation Protocol Click Here.

Noor Oriental Rugs also serves as a Cambridge collection and distribution point for used seasonal clothing for the poor and homeless, transports donated food to pantries and meal programs, and sponsors a weekly brunch for the homeless at a Boston shelter.
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Mo Nooraee