Authentic & Invisible Restoration

Green Rug Restoration

For over 300 years the Noor Family has been in the fine Oriental rug business and are proud to carry on this esteemed profession. Noor Oriental Rugs, Inc have a reverence for the traditional processes that go into the creation and maintenance of fine rugs. Mohammad Nooraee, founder of Noor Oriental Rugs, Inc. is delighted in sharing his passion for hand-knotted rugs and the culture from which he originated. Noor is proud to use centuries-old Persian practices to preserve and restore your woven treasure. Lastly, Noor takes the same care with all your handwoven treasures, such as Aubussons, Savonneries, tapestries, needlepoints, and hooked rugs. We invite you to visit our restoration page, currently featuring the Serapi Project: A living History.

Quality standards of Noor’s restoration process:

  • Only wool from the same region that the rug is woven is used.
  • The wool is hand spun as the original rug’s wool is also hand spun.
  • The wool is dyed in organic solutions since the original wool that the rug is made out of is organically dyed.
  • For every color, different shades of the same dye are spun together to furnish a patina of age that blends with the rest of the rug, otherwise the repaired area would be visible and thus the value would depreciate.
  • Turkish knots are used for pile implementation since the rug is woven with that style of knotting
  • The thinness/thickness of the thread/yarn (numbers of plies) are identical to the thickness/thinness of the original rug. Otherwise the piles either stand higher, or lower, and will not be even.
  • We have preserved any flaw/mis-weaving/incomplete motifs, etc., woven originally by the weaver into the rug.
  • We do not do any cosmetic work on the rug to change the integrity of the rug.
  • We do not do anything to make the rug look younger. Age is of high value in old rugs.
  • We use the same tools that the Persians have been using since the Bronze Age.