Rugs as Human Document

Every part of a rug tells a story. As we have seen, the wool and dye reveal much about the rug’s place of origin; its mountains, water sources, local trees and flowers, and herds of sheep or goats. The design tells us a story about a tribe, a village, a family, about art and tradition passed from generation to generation. Just as no two hand-knotted rugs are exactly alike, so each rug is from the hand of an individual, a window into the unique soul of its weaver.

Some rugs reflect the weaver’s immediate environment or the natural setting of the weaver’s home or village or encampment. Other rugs display celestial inspiration: stars, suns, and moons. Some rugs have a clearly spiritual dimension represented by a tree of life or the ultimate aspiration: the garden of Paradise.

Let your own eyes, hands, feet and spirit experience the story and the joy of hand-made rugs. Mohammad Nooraee will be delighted to welcome you and be your guide.