Bay Cove Human Services/CASPAR

As a staff member at Bay Cove Human Services/CASPAR, I first met Mo Nooraee when he generously offered to donate a rug to the auction at our Strengthening Our Community fundraiser. Mo could not have been more gracious and patient as he allowed us to select among several different rugs and find the perfect one for our event. The beautiful, hand-woven rug that we ultimately selected turned out to be the most successful item in our auction – generating much-needed funds to support our work – and Mo has since offered to support our other annual fundraising event as well. Mo organizes countless volunteer efforts to help our neighbors struggling with homelessness, and he invites family, friends – everyone he meets, in fact – to participate. Upon visiting Noor Oriental Rugs, you feel more like a welcomed guest that a customer, and it quickly becomes clear that giving back to the local community is not some kind of “side project,” but rather an integral component that is woven into everything they do (pardon the pun). Noor Oriental Rugs is a quintessential community-minded enterprise, and I enthusiastically recommend Noor to anyone looking for a beautiful rug and looking to support a local business that strengthens the fabric of our community.


  • Mr. Noor is an expert in all things related to rugs and could not have been kinder as he clearly explained the cleaning process, timing, and cost. Last week I was able to pick up my cleaned rugs and they look better than they have in years! I highly recommend Noor Oriental Rugs for your rug cleaning needs.- Happy Customer, Lexington
  • Small businesses are the backbone of communities and the engine that drive our economy. So, anytime I can support a local business and receive excellent service it is a win win. Noor is not only focused excellent customer service, but also the community and giving back. They are more than a rug company, they are dedicated to supporting the community in ways that matter. Looking forward to working with them again in the future.
  • I entrusted my beautiful, but neglected Kerman rug to Noor Oriental Rugs for cleaning and restoration. The results are just beautiful. This rug had various damages which were carefully repaired. The fringe had almost completely gone, and was restored. The rug's subtle colors glow. Throughout the restoration process, the courtesy of Mr. Noorae and his staff was extraordinary. I am happy with the results and recommend Noor Oriental Rugs sincerely.
  • I had the most wonderful experience purchasing my new carpet at Noor's. When I first stopped in the showroom I was kindly greeted with tea and refreshments and nice conversation. As this is really a one-in-a-lifetime purchase for me, I was somewhat anxious in the beginning. However, I was quickly at ease as the owner Mo is extremely easy to deal with, and in no way an overly aggressive salesman. I even changed my mind a week into the process as I decided the initial rug was going to be too large. This also ended up being a non-issue. The entire purchase experience was nothing other then exceptional, and I am very pleased with my new "artwork" which is what I consider it to be.
    It is also nice to know that they give back to the community in multiple ways. I have joined a very nice group of individuals a few Sunday's thus far to sort and fold clothes for distribution to those in need.
  • If you are like me, you put off things like having your rugs cleaned, until every other possible thing on your to-do list is done. Realizing that I had let things go too far, I went online searching for a rug cleaner and found Noor Oriental Rugs. What most appealed to me was their “assurance of respectful treatment and museum-quality conservation and restoration of rugs by traditional methods.” What I certainly didn’t want, was adding more toxic chemicals into my home. I loaded my filthy rugs into the back of my hatchback and headed to their location on Concord Ave. in Cambridge with a fair amount of anxiety. As I pulled up, I was not prepared to be enthusiastically greeted at my car by proprietor, Mo Nooraee, nor escorted inside and served a delicious cup of Persian mint tea and chocolates. These were served on a tray, while I was instructed to sit on a pile of exquisite rugs. The beauty and craftsmanship of the rugs that covered the floor, walls, and were piled to create seating is undeniable. But the wonder didn’t stop there. Mr. Nooraee, a master weaver, waxed philosophical about the importance of connection, with his patrons, with people in general, as we considered what my rugs needed. He enlightened me about the “other” work he undertakes, that of tending to his fellow humans. Gathering clothes and food for the Boston area homeless is also a part of the work undertaken at Noor Oriental Rugs. When I returned weeks later to retrieve my weeks, I was greeted at the door by a young woman who was sorting through clothes for the residents of a women’s shelter in Cambridge. This kind of collaboration between area businesses makes one hopeful about a different kind of future. Again I was served delicious tea and was treated to the unveiling of my rugs—not just beautifully cleaned but the colors bright and alive in a way that I have never seen. Returned to my home, now, when I walk on them I am reminded to take care not only of the rugs, but of my family, and my extended community. Thank you for that, Mr. Nooraee!!
  • One gorgeous rug purchased 15 years ago. Two kids, two dogs, two moves, and hundreds of vacuums later, we finally brought it in for a deep cleaning. The gentlemen of Noor Rugs did beautiful work, restoring the colors and silkiness to what had originally enchanted us. We then brought them one rug for fringe repair, also done with great respect, and subsequently 3 kilims and two more oriental rugs. Thank you for our lovely work.
  • Noor Oriental Rugs was recommended to me as the go to spot for quality rug cleaning and customer service here in the Greater Boston area. The team exceeded my expectations and truly went above and beyond. From the welcome greeting upon arrival to the full review of my rug and treatment process, the professional follow up correspondence for pick up and the friendly welcome back when picking up my very clean and fresh rug. I was wow'd by the service received and am most appreciative of the team's genuine hospitality, attention to detail and leadership of owner Mo Nooraee. I have shared this location with friends, family and will continue to advocate for this all around quality service
  • Noor cleaned our flat weave to look even better than when we bought it. AND, was able to clear the odors left by cat dander. The smell wasn't covered with...
  • I took two of my rugs to Noor Oriental Rugs for carpet cleaning. These rugs had been wrapped up in storage for years and were in awful condition. When I...
  • I called Noor oriental Rugs in desperation on the Friday of the Memorial Day weekend as I had just discovered my sodden oriental rug. A sewer line which had backed up and flooded the room had not been discovered for several days, and the rug was soaked and smelly. They picked up the rug the following day, washed it and returned it to me some weeks later in excellent condition. In addition to finding Mr Nooraee and his staff very competent and efficient, I was also pleased to find them very gracious and a pleasure to deal with.
  • My grandparents left my parents many Persian rugs they had acquired while living in Teheran for over 30 years. The rugs have been distributed to children and grandchildren. I received 4 rugs which had been stored in a way that allowed moths to work on them, leaving many bare spots. I found Mohammad Nooraee and his business in my search for nearby, well-reviewed Oriental rug repairers and took all 4 to him. He helped me to understand what these rugs were worth, what they needed and the time it would take to clean and carefully repair each one. After the rugs were cleaned, he asked me back to view what kind of damage appeared once the threads the moths had destroyed were gone. Three of the rugs could be repaired, each missing thread int he pattern replaced, and the fringe restored. The fourth was too damaged to repair. He said he would give me rug in replacement, for the price I paid in expectation of repair. During the next 2.5 years, I was invited to see progress and received regular brief updates from Mohammad. I picked the rugs up recently ans was astounded at how beautiful they looked. I could see no sign of repair of the bald spots or of extensive cleaning. The rich patterns are more beautiful than I remember and once again whole.The rugs feel soft and luxuriant I am very pleased with the work. I understand why it took so long, and am glad I was patient. Thank you, Mohammad and family
  • So far, I have had three beautiful old oriental rugs that had been the victims of attacks by cats and vacuum cleaners restored to their original beauty by the talented, skilled people at Noor Oriental Rugs. My experience with Mohammed Nooraee and his colleague, Edmund, has been outstanding from beginning to end, and my wife and I intend to continue entrusting our rugs to their care. They have made the rugs that we have loved for many years look as beautiful as they did on the days when we bought them.
  • I first came to Noor Oriental Rugs to volunteer for Mohammed sorting clothes that he donates to local homeless shelters. I was immediately impressed by his kind, gentle, and patient demeanor. Each Sunday I would come to volunteer he had a hot breakfast, coffee, and tea waiting for us and oftentimes desert and hot chocolate after. It is very clear through my interactions with him and the service work that he does in the community that Mohammed deeply cares for people. After volunteering with him for about a month, he very generously gifted me a rug from his collection. Not only was the gift exceptional in itself, he even remembered that I am of Armenian descent and tailored his choice of gift with that in mind. I would highly recommend Mohammed when looking for someone to care for your rugs or add to your collection!
  • I have been a customer of Mr. Nooraee for over twenty years. When my Andover home was virtually destroyed by a catastrophic water leak, Mo was the first person I called. He was at my house within an hour and rescued all my beautiful rugs. He was able to restore each and every rug to its original beauty. Mr. Nooraee has always conducted himself in the kindest, politest and most professional manner. I consider him more than a business acquaintance but a friend. You cannot find a better person.